About me

Tom Curley is a writer, artist and photographer living in suburban Philadelphia, working professionally as an art gallery director, art consultant, exhibit curator, teacher, and consultant. When not preoccupied with making a living, Tom likes to travel, read, and take care of his two Wheaten Terriers – Conan and Queenie – who share their domicile with Tom, his wife and daughter. 

After studying studio art for 4 years at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Tom earned his degree in art history from the University of Pennsylvania where his focus was on 20th Century Modernism, Art of the Black Sea, and the history of photography. Other areas of concentration were on comparative religions, exitentialist philosophy, the psychology of religion, pre-Christian Gnosticism, the history of Jazz and Western pop culture. 

He is the author of the international best seller “Masters Among Us”, a captivating narrative compilation of research and anecdotes on the topic of miraculous phenomena and related belief. A revised and updated edition was released in February, 2020. He also published “My Street Looks Like America”, a volume of poetry and photography which is currently available at http://www.lulu.com/shop/thomas-curley/my-street-looks-like-america/paperback/product-22491947.html. A forthcoming book with the working title “Finding Huck Finn,” a memoir inspired by the life of Mark Twain, is due to be released in 2020.

A vegetarian and practitioner of meditation for 40 years, he is currently editing additional volumes of poetry and a novel for future publication. Tom is a fan and armchair critic of classic film, fine and pop art, pop culture and any type of humor from Monty Python to Bill Murray, and loves all genres of music with a preference for good, old school rock and roll.